The maximum depth to which vessels are allowed to load at different seasons and in different parts of the world are laid down in Schedule 2 of the Loadline Rules (1968). An official chart has been drawn up, showing the sea areas of the world divided up into zones and areas in such a way that a ship’s master is able to decide his limiting loadline at any time of the year and at any place.

Low resolution scan of Galbraith’s seasonal zones chart. Note: the chart is too large and detailed to show in detail here and as you are not required to study the information on the chart for this course, it is merely intended to illustrate what information it contains.

Closer view of the North Atlantic zones, as an example.

Examples of the principal phosphate and grain loading ports as represented on the Galbraith’s chart. There are also principal loading ports listed on the chart for coal, bauxite/alumina, oil and ore.