Maritime Studies South Africa SUBJECTS

Maritime Studies aims to prepare young people for post-school employment in the maritime industry by providing students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 with access to two specialist subjects, Maritime Economics and Nautical Science.


MARITIME ECONOMICS prepares students for careers in the maritime industry ashore and deals with maritime geography, port studies, maritime trade patterns, the structure of the local shipping industry, various aspects of ship operation and chartering, the bunker trade, ships’ agency procedures, ship-broking, cargo clearing, and maritime ecology.


NAUTICAL SCIENCE prepares students for a career at sea and covers seamanship, coastal and ocean navigation (including astro-navigation), maritime communications, weather systems at sea, electronic aids to navigation, international regulations for the prevention of collisions at sea and basic ships stability, amongst others.

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Maritime Economics: Mr Brian Ingpen
Nautical Science: Captain Godfrey Schlemmer