October 9, 2015


These are passenger-carrying vessels that link islands with the mainland or they link ports across a sea or gulf. Examples of these are the passenger-carrying vessels that link Britain with France (across the English Channel or Straits of Dover) or with other European ports across the North Sea. Dozens of […]
October 7, 2015

Fishing vessels

October 9, 2015

Tugs and Offshore Service Vessels

September 30, 2015


The impressive United States aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is shown below during her visit to Cape Town in 2007. Aircraft are stowed below deck and are lifted onto the flight deck (the large flat deck shown here), prepared for take-off and take off from the flight deck. They land […]
September 27, 2015

General terminology relating to ships

Ballast Sea water that is pumped into the ship’s tanks to trim the ship, i.e. to ensure that she is not too high in the bow, or too high in the stern, or listing (leaning to one side) when putting to sea. Ballast is also put into a ship’s tanks […]