Exports Imports
Vehicles Containers (especially with vehicle parts)
Fruit Oil Products (petrol, diesel, liquid chemicals, etc)
Containers (including wool & fruit) Rubber
Manganese Carbon Black



Port Elizabeth container terminal. Much of the containerised traffic now moves through Ngqura. Photograph : Brian Ingpen


Port Elizabeth’s manganese terminal. The manganese comes by train from mines in the Northern Cape and is exported to a number of countries. Because of water depth restrictions, the largest size of bulk carriers that come to load manganese is limited to Panamax vessels. Because of the limitations on expansion of the terminal and water depth, as well as the impact of manganese dust on the city, a new manganese terminal will be built at Ngqura. Photograph : Brian Ingpen


Port Elizabeth exports deciduous fruit (apples, pears, plums) from the Langkloof area (to the west of Port Elizabeth) and citrus fruit (oranges, lemons, grapefruit and naartjies) from the Great Fish, Kat and Gamtoos River valleys. This image shows a reefer ship about to berth in the harbour. In the background, another reefer ship is loading fruit. Photograph : Brian Ingpen


A vehicle carrier loading vehicles at Port Elizabeth for export to many countries where vehicles are right-hand drive. The vehicles are built at Uitenhage (Volksagen), and Port Elizabeth (Ford, Isuzu, Chevrolet). To provide parts and accessories for the vehicle factories, other ancillary activities occur in the area (e.g. tyre manufacturing, paint factory, battery factory, truck and bus assembly plants), and the entire vehicle assembly industry imports parts from Europe and Japan. This stimulates large volumes of containers passing through Port Elizabeth and Ngqura for the vehicle industry. Photograph : Brian Ingpen