Grade 11 – Maritime Economics

August 22, 2016

Test Yourself: African ports

Which port is the major port for…. 1.1   Cote d’Vor (Ivory Coast) 1.2   Mozambique 1.3   Tanzania 1.4   Kenya 1.5   Egypt 1.6   Morocco 1.7    Senegal 1.8   Liberia In which country is each of the following ports? 2.1   Port Harcourt 2.2   Dakar 2.3   Tema 2.4.   Douala 2.5   Beira 2.6   Lobito 2.7  […]
August 31, 2016

Test Yourself: World Ports

Study the table below that shows the throughput of containers via major Chinese ports for the period 2013 to 2015. The figures for TEU are shown in million s of TEU, e.g., the Dalian figures represent 9.301 million TEU, 10.128 million TEU and 9.912 million TEU. The map of China […]
August 31, 2016

Trade routes

This section outlines shipping routes for the following global trades: iron ore coal grain oil containers    Natural Incidents that had an impact on Bulk Trades – During the devastating tsunami in Japan in 2011, the cooling system at the Fukushima nuclear powerstation failed, causing a serious problem at the powerstation, […]
October 28, 2016

Iron Ore

Iron Ore Trades – Brazil, north-western Australia and South Africa are among the major producers of iron ore that is moved in Capesize ships to China, Japan, Korea, Europe and numerous other industrialised countries that produce significant amounts of steel. From 2001 to 2008, a surge in Chinese steel production brought […]