The following parts are profiled in this section:

Distances Between Ports (Nautical Miles)
Walvis Bay – Cape Town


Cape Town – Mossel Bay


Mossel Bay – Port Elizabeth


Port Elizabeth – East London


East London – Durban


Durban – Richards Bay


Richards Bay – Richards Bay



Teach yourself – Southern African Ports

Look at the map showing Southern African ports and answer the questions below :

  1. Which port lies

1.1       between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town

1.2       between East London and Richards Bay

1.3       on the northern coast of Namibia

1.4       closest to the South African province of Mpumalanga

1.5       closest to Durban

  1. A ship is steaming from Saldanha Bay to Richards Bay. List the ports (in order) she will pass during this voyage.
  1. Calculate the number of days a ship will be at sea on each of the following voyages. (Round off your answer to the next half day.)

3.1       Walvis Bay to Durban at a speed of 15 knots

3.2       Richards Bay to Saldanha Bay at a speed of 14 knots

3.3       Richards Bay to Cape Town at a speed of 13 knots

  1. Between which two neighbouring ports in South Africa is the distance

4.1       the greatest?

4.2       the least?