The entrance to Durban harbour which was widened to make navigation safer for wider-beamed vessels. The hill on the left is known as the Bluff. The tower atop the Bluff has the port control centre while the structure atop the tower provides information relating to wind direction and the state of the tide. Photograph : Andrew Ingpen


Part of Durban’s container terminal which is the largest and busiest in the southern hemisphere. Photograph : Brian Ingpen


A bulk carrier loading neo-bulk cargo at Maydon Wharf in Durban. With its 13 berths and cargo terminals that handle products ranging from steel and forest products to grain and minerals, Maydon Wharf has the largest concentration of bulk cargo handling facilities in South Africa. Photograph : Andrew Ingpen


Exports Imports
Containers Containers (including containerised vehicle parts)
Petroleum Products Crude oil (via offshore buoy)
Woodchip Chemicals
Ferro-chrome Project Cargoes
Steel  Grain
Graded coal
Household detergents
Sugar (bulk and bagged)
Forest Products e.g. Paper