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African Marine Solutions (AMSOL) is a specialist solutions provider and partner to clients who operate in marine environments. As a market leader, AMSOL is the only marine solutions provider in the region that is employee and management owned, and is a catalyst for economic empowerment and shared value creation.

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Strengthening maritime and marine education in South Africa in order to realise the growth potential of the maritime economy is a top priority for SAIMI – the South African International Maritime Institute.

Although various post-school educational institutions offer programmes in marine and maritime fields of study, there is a need for promotion of maritime education, training and research, and facilitation of greater collaboration and co-operation amongst role players in the sector.

While SAIMI’s main task is advocacy and the promotion of South Africa’s maritime sector, the coordination of education, skills, training, research and development, as well as to serve as the knowledge hub on maritime matters, this is premised on a strong collaboration and stakeholder participation framework to ensure that all role players participate in advancing SAIMI’s work and contribute their resources and capabilities towards the development of South Africa’s maritime sector.

It is envisaged that SAIMI’s capacity, resources and capabilities would be augmented through a strong network of partners, associates and alliances.

In this way SAIMI would help unlock the country’s maritime potential and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country by aligning all maritime education, training, research, industry, social and government stakeholders into a comprehensive force for change and jointly implement high impact interventions. To this end, SAIMI leads a partnership and collaborative effort towards better education, training and upskilling of the people, linking them to socio economic opportunities and investing in new knowledge, technologies and innovations for a globally competitive SA maritime sector.

This Nautical Science project is aligned to SAIMI’s mandate from the National Skills Fund to support skills development and capacity-building in the oceans economy.

In particular, the project is targeted at supporting the different maritime schools to enable them to (better) offer maritime subjects.  Maritime schools are key to increasing awareness about the maritime sector and contributing towards increasing the maritime qualifications throughput at the tertiary level.

There is currently no textbook for the Nautical Sciences subject that is being offered by different maritime schools which has resulted in the lack of standardisation in respect of approach, and limited access to developments or information in respect of Nautical Science for both teachers and learners.

The SAIMI funding therefore supports the digitisation of the Nautical Studies modules which will benefit all the maritime schools across all provinces in South Africa.

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