A very urgent message from the master of Zonnekus arrives on the agent’s smart phone at 10:30 on 21 November, and he reads it immediately :


He ascertains that a helicopter is available but it only has a range of 200 miles (i.e. 100 miles on the outward flight and 100 miles on the return flight; it can hover over the ship for about 30 minutes, and it will have a bit of fuel in a reserve tank.)


  1. How many nautical miles must the ship steam to get within range of the helicopter?
  2. At what time will the ship be in range of the helicopter?
  3. If the helicopter must be in the air 20 minutes before the ship is within range, what time should the helicopter take off?
  4. Whom should the agent alert to be at the base to fly out to the ship?
  5. What other arrangements should the agent make in connection with the injury and landing of Chef Mendez in Durban?
  6. Assume a 20-minute flight to the ship, 20 minutes hovering while the chef is airlifted off the ship, and a 20-minute return flight. What is the ETA of the helicopter back at the base?
  7. Assume sunrise is at 05:30 and sunset is at 18:10. Will any part of the flight take place in the dark? YES or NO.
  8. Assume that the ship will not stop while the chef is being lifted off. What is the ETA of Zonnekus in Durban?