When on board a ship, you may need to describe the position of one object relative to another. Again strange terms apply.

Abaft                The Funnel (D) is ABAFT the Main Mast (E) (i.e. the funnel is more towards the stern than the Main Mast.)

Aft                   In the diagram, the accommodation is AFT (near the stern B).

Aloft                 A person at A is ALOFT (up the mast).

Atop                 The Monkey Island (F) is ATOP (above) the Wheelhouse (G)

Below               The Wheelhouse (G) is BELOW the Monkey Island (F). If someone has gone from one deck to a lower deck, we say “He has gone BELOW,” or “He is DOWN BELOW.”

Down aft           A person at B is DOWN AFT (i.e. very close to the stern).

Forward            (Pronounced forrardThe Main Mast (E) is FORWARD of the Funnel (D) (i.e. the Main Mast is more towards the bow than the Funnel.)

Midships          The middle point on the ship, shown at H on the diagram.

Thwartships      Something that lies across a ship, e.g. a THWARTSHIPS BULKHEAD runs from the port side of the ship to the starboard side.

Up forward       (Pronounced forrard) A person at C is UP FORWARD (i.e. very close to the bow.)