• Continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australasia
  • Important Lines of Latitude Arctic Circle; Tropic of Cancer, Equator; Tropic of Capricorn, Antarctic Circle
  • Important Lines of Longitude : Greenwich Meridian (0o), International Date Line (Note that both of these lines of longitude are important in time calculations.)
  • Oceans:  Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean and  Southern Ocean

Ocean Currents

Numbers refer to the currents shown on the map.

Warm Currents flowing from the tropical regions

1. Mozambique Current

2. Agulhas Current,

3. Brazilian Current

4. Gulf Stream

5. North Atlantic Drift

6. South Equatorial Current

Cold Currents flowing from the polar regions

7. Canaries Current

8. Benguela Current

9. West Wind Drift

10. West Australian Current

11. Labrador Current

(Note : We have only included currents in the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean.)