Maritime Economics Grade 10

Shipping is an exciting, international industry that we shall explore. Its strange terms will be explained, we will introduce you to interesting trade routes and to the high-tech ships that move more than 90 percent of cargoes arriving and leaving our ports. Some of these are small; others are longer than four football fields, and others carry thousands of people on fun-filled holidays. Join us on an exciting voyage into the maritime world.

Maritime Economics Grade 11

The mega-million-dollar shipping industry provides many exciting and interesting careers at sea and ashore. The role of several maritime professions will be explained as will some sectors of the industry, including shipowning, shipbuilding and maritime salvage operations that are often dramatic. Weather plays an important role in shipping, while the environment within which the industry operates is fragile and needs to be protected. An interesting time awaits you as you trawl through this section of the website.

Maritime Economics Grade 12

In a single voyage, a dozen countries (or more) can be involved, either directly or indirectly. The international legal framework within which shipping operates offers a number of interesting careers, as do the various components of maritime insurance. Because of their importance to world shipping, some areas have become politically and militarily sensitive, and we introduce you to issues surrounding these zones where shipping lanes converge. Come aboard for fascinating perspectives on this great industry.